100% New and Original Content

All the content on this website is written from scratch. It is 100% original and written by professional with many years of experience working for world renowned CG studios.


Written by Professionals Working for World Renowned CG Studios

Learn from people who worked at ILM, Weta Digital, Pixar, Double Negative on films such as Avatar, Tintin 3D, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter to name a few.


All Lessons Come with C++ Source Code

Each presented technique comes with the source code of a small program written in C++.


Learn to Write a 3D Renderer From Scratch

Learn about techniques used to compute photo-realistic images and implement them in C++. The basic section contains a series of lessons that will teach you how to write a 3D renderer from scratch.

What is Scratch a Pixel?

Scratchapixel is the first complete interactive resource on the web for anyone (beginner or expert) who seeks to learn 2D and 3D computer graphics techniques from the ground up. Follow the link to find out more about who we are, what you will find here and why scratch-a-pixel is the right place for you to learn these techniques.


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Latest Lesson

Lesson 16: Mathematical Foundations of Monte Carlo Methods

A quick introduction to Monte Carlo methods for those who don't have the time to read more.

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