Scratchapixel 2.0

Learn Computer Graphics Programming from Scratch

"You have no idea how helpful these are. The detailed explanations help my slow brain understand the technical stuff easier."
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20 lessons, 121 chapters, 350,000 words, C++ source code

Mathematics and Physics for Computer Graphics

What math should I learn in order to study computer graphics?

Matrix Inverse

Foundations of 3D Rendering (Volume 1)

17 lessons designed to introduce you to the field of 3D rendering (best reading order is chronological)

What's Next?

3D Rendering: Better, Faster, More (Volume 2)

A new series of 12 lessons to study advanced but nonetheless important 3D rendering techniques

Bézier Curves and Surfaces: the Utah Teapot
Introduction to Acceleration Structures
Multi-Threading in Rendering
Intuitive Introduction to Anti-Aliasing
Area Lights
The Infamous Rendering Equation
Intuitive Introduction to Importance Sampling
Image Based Lighting
Texture Mapping
Depth of Field
Motion Blur
Volume Rendering

Digital Imaging

A series of lessons on digital images, color science and image processing

Digital Images
Simple Image Manipulations


A collection of fun techniques

Simulating the Colors of the Sky
Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees