About Us

Jean-Colas Prunier, founder of Scratchapixel, has a distinguished career in the CG animation and VFX industry, starting in the early '90s at ExMachina and progressing through roles at ILM and Weta Digital, contributing to epic films like "Lord of the Rings" and "Avatar." He pioneered Cinebox/Filmbox at Crytek, influencing Unreal Engine's sequencer, and later founded PocketStudio, a real-time software for collaborative animation akin to "Google Docs of 3D."

Scratchapixel emerged from Jean-Colas's frustration with the educational resources available for CG programming at the time. It caters to individuals lacking a formal background in mathematics and physics, addressing the shortfall in comprehensive literature that was particularly noticeable in the late '90s. Scratchapixel bridges the gap between theory and practice, an innovative strategy that Jean-Colas began to develop in 2007 while at Weta Digital, culminating in the platform's official launch in 2009. Over the years, Scratchapixel has not only become a cornerstone in the field of CG programming but has also introduced a new paradigm in CG education. It prioritizes practical application over theoretical knowledge and adopts a non-profit, community-centric approach.

Contrary to the perception of some engineers who may view Scratchapixel as merely a beginner's resource, the site caters to a diverse audience. Its purpose is to empower individuals from varied backgrounds - those who might not have had the opportunity to attend prestigious universities or come from underprivileged social and economic conditions. Scratchapixel champions the belief that everyone, including artists and those new to programming, deserves the chance to learn, create, and express themselves through computer-generated imagery. This ethos reflects a broader mission: to democratize the learning of CG programming and inspire a new generation of creators, regardless of their starting point.

By 2024, Scratchapixel has expanded its reach, welcoming over 400,000 unique visitors each year. Jean-Colas's dedication to original, high-quality content remains unwavering, and he openly invites anyone to challenge this claim. The website's copyright notice reinforces the protection of its content under copyright laws, clearly stating that while the information is accessible free of charge, it is not available for commercial use. For non-commercial purposes, the content, whether in part or in full, requires appropriate attribution and citation.

Supporting Scratchapixel

If you're a company interested in supporting Scratchapixel's mission to democratize CG programming education, we welcome you to reach out through our contact page. Your support can help us continue to provide valuable resources to those passionate about learning and creating with computer graphics, regardless of their background or resources.