About Us

Scratchapixel's mission is to make CG programming accessible to as many people as possible, offering an alternative to technical books on the topic that are often written by researchers for researchers or students destined to become researchers, mostly from top universities. However, there's a lack of consistent and centralized resources designed for individuals who may not necessarily have the mathematical background needed to understand the technical jargon of these books.

Founded by Jean-Colas Prunier around 2009, all the content has been written by him so far, but hopefully, the website will welcome the contribution of more people in the near future. While Jean-Colas has been proactively adding content to the website until roughly 2014, the website has been in hibernation mode until 2023, during which time its audience grew. Today, Scratchapixel welcomes over 400,000 unique visitors each year on average. Considering how impactful and popular the website is, JC decided to pick it up again early in 2024 and is currently attempting to work on it full-time, updating existing content, adding new content, and expanding into new topics.

JC has been working in the industry since the mid-90s and has worked at various tech companies in Silicon Valley or at first-class VFX/animation studios, always in relation to using rendering and 3D technology. He has been proactive in the adoption of real-time technology for filmmaking, particularly with the development of FilmEngine in 2016, which was influential in the development of Unreal Engine and Unity's respective sequencers, before founding and developing PocketStudio in 2017, a real-time collaborative 3D tool, preceding projects like Nvidia's Omniverse.

Supporting Scratchapixel

If you're a company interested in supporting Scratchapixel's mission to democratize CG programming education, we welcome you to reach out through our contact page. Your support can help us continue to provide valuable resources to those passionate about learning and creating with computer graphics, regardless of their background or resources.