Donors Get a Chance to Win a Pixar Walking Teapot!

All pledgers will be entered into a random draw, and the winner will receive this walking RenderMan teapot from my personal collection. I realize this is more of a symbolic gift for now, though it holds a lot of sentimental value for me, and some fiduciary value too. As I progress with looking for sponsors, I'll try to offer you guys something even better next time, but it's a start. We will organize the draw as soon as we reach the $7,200 target.

What You Will Get in Exchange

For now, and I prefer to be clear, not a lot, but what's already online. I do want to ensure that donors receive something extra compared to those who don't, while still keeping the website as open as possible. I am about to move the website to an Azure VM with a Go server so that I can add a simple login page that will give donors access to exclusive content. I'm not sure when I will get that done, but hopefully sometime this summer (2024).

As I am on my own developing Scratchapixel at the moment, all these things will take time, but with enough support, they'll eventually get done.

Also, if I find people along the way who want to contribute to writing lessons, then we will eventually become a team and move faster.

While donations help me pay the bills (server, domain name, licenses for things like Maya, Photoshop, or even my mobile subscription which I am using to get internet on my PC), it remains a nonprofit initiative. Of course, the goal is to go beyond just the bills so that I can dedicate myself full-time to Scratchapixel and, maybe one day, have a team working on this project.

How To Donate



ETH: 0x063413F86bcE1222b888A801AF1b6c50D1166fD6

If you can't use any of these platforms, get in touch with me on Discord, and we'll find a way. Once you have made a payment, ping me on Discord so that I can keep track of it.


I will post the total number of donors starting from the 20th of March who qualify for the draw, along with their names and the total amount committed by you guys. As soon as we reach $7,200, I will organize the draw and you will find out if you have won the teapot.

Thanks to all of you. Those with a 🙏 are exceptionally generous donors).

$2,842 of $7,200 reached so far.

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