Terms of Service for Scratchapixel

Effective Date: 02-02-2024

Content Usage and Intellectual Property:

Scratchapixel, available at www.scratchapixel.com and its affiliated site www.scratchapixel.org, serves as a premier educational resource in the field of Computer Graphics (CG) programming. The terms below are designed to ensure a respectful and lawful use of Scratchapixel's materials:

1. Personal Use Only:

2. Prohibition on Unauthorized Use and Distribution:

3. Intellectual Property Rights:

4. Request for Permission:

By accessing and utilizing the resources provided by Scratchapixel, users agree to these terms, ensuring that the platform remains a valuable and legally compliant educational resource for the CG programming community. Scratchapixel reserves the right to amend these terms as necessary to protect its content and to continue offering high-quality educational materials.